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Omschrijving Input Sensors Logger Output Meerdere Kasten Extra's
  • Theft alert: Automatic email/SMS alert if a hive is picked up and moved.
  • Hive knocked over: Email/SMS alert if a hive is knocked over enabling you to take immediate action and save the colony.
  • Hive Humidity: Monitor humidity levels throughout the year. Identify if a hive becomes too humid and needs ventilating.
  • Colony development: Track spring build up and colony development. Compare build-up between different colonies.
  • Hive activity/foraging: Monitor hive activity and identify weak/low levels of activity and foraging.
  • Compare hives; identify which colonies get going first/last in the morning .
  • Queen mating: Identify when a virgin queen has started laying without having to open the hive.
  • Queen status: Identify when the queen has stopped laying and the colony has become broodless.
  • Swarm management: Identify changes in conditions and behaviour that indicate a potential swarm.
  • Winter monitoring: Remotely monitor hive temperature and hive humidity throughout the winter. Identify winter flying and colony strength.
  • Hive weight: Map the nectar flow, receive email alerts when the supers are full or winter store levels are low. Arnia Hive Scales are required to monitor weight. See our hive scales page for more information.
  • Apiary Weather conditions: Track rainfall, temperature in the sun and shade at the apiary. Directly compare weather data with bee activity and other readings from the hive monitors. The Arnia weather station is required to obtain additional weather data.